St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Angie Tuttle Celebrates 25 Years at St. Thomas… by RETIRING This Summer (June 28)

Angie in Cincinnati, Ohio with youngest grandchild, Amarie.

Dear Parish friends…

One steamy Friday In the summer of 1994, my young family drove a huge moving van from southern Ohio to Aurora, lugged our belongings into our new home, and two days later, I began my work at St. Thomas. I immediately felt at home.

I’ve had the privilege of serving you all in so many ways: I’ve provided the programs you use when you worship each weekend or when you celebrate the life of someone you’ve lost, created flyers and posters to inform you of St. Thomas events, produced the Powerpoint slides you see in the church and Gathering Area, showcased our parish personality on the St. Thomas Facebook page, posted homilies and news stories on the website, announced news via our new outdoor sign, and occasionally sent a notice to you on the parish app. 

I was hired 25 years ago by Anne Meuser and Sr. Joan Weisenbeck to share work between Liturgy and Spiritual Development. My responsibilities changed over the years. Early in 1999, I assumed the role of bulletin editor (and have edited approximately 1,060 bulletins since  then!), and approximately one decade ago began editing the St. Thomas website. One of my favorite jobs has been the privilege of designing a logo for the parish themes we choose every year or so.

For 25 years, this has been my second family. In that time, my husband, Rick, and I have raised three daughters, put them all through college, celebrated weddings, and welcomed five grandchildren. And THAT, friends, is why it’s time for me to retire.  My grandkids live from Seattle to Richmond, Virginia, and I can’t wait to spend more time with them!

What a gift—to celebrate these 25 years with you. I’m filled with gratitude for the love and memories that will go with me. Thank you for being a companion on my life journey…