St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Five Ways to Promote Cognitive Vitality

From the Office of the Parish Nurse

Stimulate your mind — challenge your brain with activities like Sudoku or chess, pursue a hobby or learn a new skill.

Exercise your body — physical activity stimulates the circulatory system, which send oxygen and nutrients to the brain and removes toxins.

Eat right — Brain superfoods like fish, nuts, dark chocolate, blueberries and olive oil are low in fat and cholesterol, help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes and promote blood flow to the brain.

De-stress — If left unchecked, chronic stress can overtax the body and the brain, interfering with learning and memory. Promote calm through activities like yoga, meditation or prayer.

Maintain social ties — rich, meaningful relationships help sharpen cognitive activities. Stay connected with friends and family or consider joining a community group or club.