Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 23, 2017

Those who are just must be kind.
— Wisdom 12:19

Dear Parish Family,

There are those who don’t go out when it gets dark.  Some because they have trouble seeing, making it difficult for them to drive.  There are many, especially in large urban areas, who stay in the safety of their homes after dark because of their fear of crime.  Very often, we hear about crimes that happen at night when it would be hard for the criminal to be seen, when victims and possible witnesses might find it hard to identify the criminal.

Darkness played a part in Jesus’ gospel story, of how after a farmer sowed seed, his enemy came at night and sowed weeds.  Darkness was one of the ten plagues inflicted on the Egyptians to encourage them to free the Israelites.  It was dark when Judas left to betray Jesus who was arrested in the middle of the night.  The sun was darkened as He hung on the cross.  Darkness gave way to light when His followers discovered the empty tomb.

One characteristic of all Catholic churches is a lit candle near the tabernacle, a candle which signifies the presence of Jesus, the Light of the World, in our midst.  Yet it is we who make His presence shine forth through our thoughts, words and actions.  Our Lord looks to us to help others see the bright light of God’s love.

In the Word,
Fr. Philip Danaher

Sunday’s Readings

First Reading — You taught your people that those who are just must likewise be kind (Wisdom 12:13, 16-19).
Psalm — Lord, you are good and forgiving (Psalm 86).
Second Reading — The Spirit comes to aid us in our weakness (Romans 8:26-27).
Gospel — Jesus proposes parables to the crowds, teaching them of the reign of God (Matthew 13:24-43 [24-30]).

Readings for the Week

Monday:         Ex 14:5-18; Ex 15:1bc-6; Mt 12:38-42
Tuesday:        2 Cor 4:7-15; Ps 126:1bc-6; Mt 20:20-28
Wednesday:   Ex 16:1-5, 9-15; Ps 78:18-19, 23-28; Jn 20:1-2, 11-18
Thursday:      Ex 19:1-2, 9-11, 16-20b; Dn 3:52-56; Mt 13:10-17
Friday:           Ex 20:1-17; Ps 19:8-11; Mt 13:18-23
Saturday:       Ex 24:3-8; Ps 34:2-11; Jn 11:19-27 or Lk 10:38-42
Sunday:   1 Kgs 3:5, 7-12; Ps 119:57, 72, 76-77,  127-130; Rom 8:28-30; Mt 13:44-52  [44-46]

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