St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Life in Action

“Willow and Rich” came to Waterleaf uncertain of how an unplanned pregnancy would affect their future career goals and their relationship. Knowing they had to think through some difficult decisions, they continued to seek care and advice from the Waterleaf staff. Being early in their pregnancy gave them time to slow down and not rush into any decisions they felt they would later regret. 

During the third ultrasound, Rich kept saying, “This is beautiful!” When they saw the heart flicker strong, Willow said “OMG is that the baby? Is that the baby’s heartbeat?” and she began to cry. Rich wiped her tears away, held her hand, and encouraged her as they both smiled though tears. In that moment, they made the decision to keep their baby and work through any challenges together. Since then, Willow has met with one of Waterleaf’s Aspire Resource specialists who continues to assist them through their pregnancy.