St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Religious Education Volunteers 2018-2019

The following people helped in some way to pass our faith on to the children of St. Thomas (Pre-K through 5th grade).  They shared their gifts and time with our Religious Education Program this past year, helping our young people to grow in their faith. The R.E. program is dependent on this sense of shared ministry. If you know any of these wonderful people, please take a moment to thank them. If you would like the opportunity to share your faith, please call the Faith Formation Office and we would be happy to assist you in ways to do so.

Theresa Abecia
Victoria Agustsson
Sarah Alaimo
Maria Aileen Arguelles
Janet Bailey
Laura Basi
Carol Bax
Jennifer Bennett
Jen Berg
Donna Brock
Susan Brotherly
Jennifer Burgess
Sue Cicero
Lisa Cornelius
Noah Cornelius
Marge Coronado
Ann Cotner
Margaret Crowley
Renee Culbertson
Bea Demos
Josie Dichoso
Mary Ann Dichoso
John Diendorf
Nicole Dixon
Andrea Dolter
Anju D’Souza
Sarah Dunne
Jim Eber
Missy Ernst
Wanda Fattes
Ryan Fee
Alanna Folger
Julie Folger
Kellie Foy
Mickey Frank
Fran Furibondo
Guadalupe Gallegos
Dana Garcia
Rebecca Garretson
Samantha Gray
Lauren Guzman
Kaiya Hansen
Marcia Hartmann
Chloe Hawkins
Maria Hernandez
Julie Hess
Donna Holt
Martin Howley
Gina Howley
Judith Jacobs
Rosemary Karl
Lorraine Katz
Claire Keyser
Janet Kirkman
Dawn Koszala
Carissa LaVette
Nidhi Mani
Heather Marzano
Joseph Mayoralgo
Christina McCormack
Grace McCoy
Joe McCoy
Sheila Mikulina
Emma Miles
Kelly Miles
Sam Miles
Chris Moore
John Morris
Mary Beth Nagai
Lynn Nicinski
Kristina Pelligrini
Paul Reichel
Beth Reiman
Teri Ross
Giselle Roszkowski
Linda Scarpino
Tricia Serna
Patty Sida
Autumn Solakiewicz
Colleen Steffgen
Marybeth Stewart
Sharon Sugas
Sonia Tadavarthy
Lauren Vicencio
Jacquie Vu
Thuc Vu
Lisa Wehr
Cade Wehr
Kasia Williams
Dan Zabinski
Donna Zielke

Thank you to our Deacons:  Michael Barrett, Jim Breen, Joe Cuzzone, Larry Kearney, Chuck Lane and Patrick Lennon and especially to Fr. Joseph and our pastor, Fr. Danaher.