St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Solidarity Coalition

The St. Thomas Solidarity Coalition was born in September 2017, in reaction to the tragedy at Charlottesville … a wake-up call for all of us. Charlottesville highlighted hate and violence driven by racism. It has no place in God’s Kingdom. Parishioners were invited to an initial meeting to “create an alternative.” Sixteen parishioners expressed an interest and many made a commitment to work for one year toward that objective. They are still working.

In the past 10 months, the Coalition partnered with the Pax Christi Ministry and the Immigration/Migration Initiative Ministry on the “10 Ways to Fight Hate” action, culminating in the “I am a Light for Love” commitment action this weekend. 

Another OpportunityThere is Still Time to Participate!

The “I am a Light for Love” commitment for adult/family is printed below. There is also a youth commitment. You can commit by either signing the form and returning to church or by signing the commitment card which will be available in the Gathering Area for the next few weeks. Place signed commitment cards in the basket provided. In addition, consider taking a copy of the commitment wording home and secure it  to your refrigerator with the “I am a Light of Love” refrigerator magnet as a reminder!

I am a Light of Love

Jesus, by His words and actions, calls us to be a light of love in the world.

I will make efforts to be God’s love in my world and the larger world. I will strive to be the light of love by:

• Being aware of words and actions that foster hate in the world.

• Educating myself on the plight of those victimized by exclusion, discrimination, or persecution … and then being in solidarity with them in their pain.

• Being a positive influence on those around me … rejecting hateful rhetoric and hateful actions … encouraging respectful dialogue and peaceful resolutions.

• Praying for the courage to act for peace and justice.

The talk given at all Masses last weekend (August 17-18) is available here.