St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

St. Thomas Lenten Project: Ertha’s Orphanage

(Ertha will visit St. Thomas Next weekend.)

This year’s parish Lenten project is to provide much needed support for the children of Ertha’s Orphanage in Trou-Bois, Haiti, near St. Thomas’ Haiti Twinning community of Duchity. The orphanage has never been a part of St. Thomas’ Haiti Twinning Ministry, although Ertha has visited St. Thomas on many occasions.

Pick up a Lenten Box with a picture of one of the orphanage children at the exits. Save your change throughout Lent to provide food and school expenses for Changena and the other 14 children of the orphanage. The goal is to raise $12,000 to provide help for 12 months. Return the boxes throughout Lent to the cylinders in the Gathering Area.


Ertha Papillon’s Short Story

Ertha Papillon has dedicated her life to the children in Trou-Bois … the poorer children in the area. She runs an elementary school that St. Thomas Haiti Twinning helps support. About 12 years ago, people started bringing orphaned babies to her. She started an orphanage … without a building or any real means of support. She trusts in God.

She is a pillar of the Ste. Marie-Madeleine church community. St. Thomas came to know Ertha from the mission trips to St. Thomas’ Twinning parish. She always oversaw the kitchen and the cooks to make sure the food was prepared so that it would not have the possibility of making team members sick.