St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Stations of the Cross: Fridays During Lent @ 7:30p

Stations of the Cross are being held each Friday of Lent at 7:30 p.m. in the Church. Prayer, response, song, movement, and art will be used to reflect on Jesus’ greatest act of love. There will be a variety this year in the Friday evening Stations. Check the schedule below:

March 17 – Biblical Way of the Cross
March 24 – Social Justice Way of the Cross
March 31 – Everyone’s Way of the Cross
April 7 – Biblical Way of the Cross

The Social Justice Way of the Cross is a guide through the Stations as seen through the experiences of men and women who were witnesses of God’s love.

Everyone’s Way of the Cross invites readers to grow closer to Christ by embracing the mystery of suffering in the world. By joining Christ on this transformative journey, we learn to become his disciples–his other self–to a hurting world.

Like the Stations initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1991, The Biblical Way of the Cross offers a scriptural account of the condemnation and crucifixion of Jesus.

Having a simple meal (observing Friday as a day of fasting) and attending this service yourself or with family/friends can be a wonderful Lenten practice.