St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Thanksgiving Day Mass Schedule

Thanksgiving Day:

St. Thomas’ Thanksgiving Day Mass is Thursday, November 23 at 9:00 a.m. Fr. Bob Colaresi will be the Presider, assisted by Fr. Joseph. All are invited to bring bread and wine that you will use over the Thanksgiving holiday to be blessed at this Mass. After the liturgy, you will take home the items that you brought.

Thanksgiving Day Mass & Transitional Housing Family

For those of you who have attended the St. Thomas Thanksgiving Day Mass (9:00 a.m.), you know it is a very special liturgy. Parishioners are invited to express what they are especially thankful for.

Grace, the mother of one of St. Thomas’ Transitional Housing families, will express her thanks and Marie Szymanek, one of the mentors for Grace’s family, will give a short talk. The proceeds from the Thanksgiving Day collection benefits the Transitional Housing guest families supported by St. Thomas.

Start or continue a great family tradition – begin the day by giving thanks to God at this special Mass.