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Youth Ministry Corner – by Peggy Goralski

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Some Epiphany food for thought…

We are told to follow our star. And yet, for all our romanticizing about the stars, if the truth be known, they sometimes lead us to places we would rather not go. A star marks our paths with light and guides us to deeper insight. With that deeper kind of seeing comes new responsibilities. It is not always easy to follow a star.

Long ago three who have been called ʻwiseʼ journeyed to the small insignificant town of Bethlehem. They followed a star that led them to the powerlessness of God lying in a manger. It was the last place on earth one would expect the Creator of the stars, yet that is where those beams did shine. Such a moment is an Epiphany. An Epiphany is a manifestation of the Divine Presence, right in the midst of daily life.

Once a mother whose son had been murdered saw a star that said, ʻForgiveʼ. The star led her to a prison, to the murderer. The light of the star helped her discover in her heart a mercy she didn’t know she possessed. The mercy belonged to the Creator of the stars but it was hers to use when she was in need. She used it well.

And then, there was that man of God from San Salvador, Oscar Romero! He had an Epiphany. He saw a star of truth that shone straight through all the lies, impelling him to speak out against injustice. He spoke. He died. His star shines on.

And each of us…. So many people with hearts of courage, have had ʻEpiphaniesʼ that led them to pathways of light. What is our Epiphany? Where is our sky all shining with stars? And which stars are calling us?”

(From: Seasons of Your Heart, Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB, p. 51-52)