St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Catechetical Sunday

St. Thomas joins Catholic parishes across the country to celebrate Catechetical Sunday during the weekend of September 19 and 20. The work of our catechists and faith formation leaders, volunteers listed below, is vital to the life of the Church. We ask for your continued support through prayer, that the Holy Spirit grant them the grace they need in their service to our Church.

A Catechist’s Prayer 

Loving Father, pour forth your Holy Spirit upon me that I may be a good catechist of your Word, your Son, Jesus Christ. 

Render my mind and heart so open, receptive and responsive to your Holy Spirit that, like Mary, I might become a living instrument of your Word to others. Help me to be a faithful witness to Gospel life so that your Church may become ever more alive. 

Let the fire of your love so enkindle my heart that I may be an instrument of drawing others to love of you in the Church of your Son. 

I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Theresa Abecia

Timo Abecia

Vicki Agustsson

Janet Bailey

Chris Baker

Jennifer Bennett

Tim Berglind

Jennifer Berg

Sheleagh Bishop

Sandra Brasile

Jennifer Burgess

April Clamage

Elizabeth Colvin

Giada Colvin

Sue Cornell-Ohl

Rick Cotner

Karen Curran

Susan Czochara

Cheryl Kasper

Gerry Deneen

Darlene Dionne-Karales

Annalise Dum

Trevor Dum

Dawn Eber

Fred Eber

Jim Eber

Sean Elliffe

Melissa Ernst

Wanda Fattes

Ken Fivizzani

Colleen Fournier

Tanya Galer

Kelly Giacolo

Stefan Grantham

Peggy Goralski

Stefan Grantham

Patrica Grossert

John Growney

Chuck Harper

Dana Hengstler

Gina Howley

Joe Howley

Martin Howley

Judith Jacob

Gendy Jaramillo

Evan Jaramillo

Nicole Jones

Rosemary Karl

Larry Kearney

Jen Kennedy

John Kennedy

Julia Krupa

Karen Lankisch

Olivia Lopez

Barb Mambu

Heather Marzano

Dan Matern

Gail Micheau

Emma Miles

Kelly Miles

Meghan Miles

Samantha Miles

Amy Paul

Joe Pecoraro

Cari Pellegrini

Caryn Phelan

Angela Pine

Elijah Powell

Kathy Powell

Paul Reichel

Kathleen Reitman

Mary Ann Rempe

John Rhoads

Kristen Rojas

Bernie Salzig

Linda Scarpino

Tricia Serna

Meg Smith

Colleen Steffgen

Hannah Steffgen

Sharon Sugas

Mary Szczap

Nidhi Thomas

Gerry Tice

Anne Valencia

Carolyn Vondran

Jacquie Vu

Thuc Vu

Mari Walbridge

Lisa Wehr

Lauren Wierzbinski

Kasia Williams

Kristyn Wojciechowski

Martyna Woznica

Mary Wright

Tony Wyklendt

Zoraida Zarate

Ann Zediker

John Zimnie