The St. Thomas co-op nursery is open to your child (ages 1-4) during the 9:30 am and 11:15 am weekend Masses from September through May. The nursery is facilitated each week Ombretta Schutz with the assistance of highschool volunteeers and parents who offer their services to the nursery in exchange for cost-free childcare during Masses. Parents unable to volunteer their time may still use the nursery for $3 per child each time.

Parents who use the nursery appreciate knowing their child is read to, played with, safe and happy while they attend Mass and other events at St. Thomas.

Walk-ins are welcome. Please try to plan extra time to fill out a registration form with your child’s information and to review nursery policies. You will also be asked for your cell phone number in the event you need to be contacted while your child is in the nursery.

Co-op Twice a year, a new schedule of co-op parent caretakers is planned. However, if at any time, you are interested in offering your services to the nursery as a co-op member, or as a volunteer, you are encouraged to contact the staff coordinator Patti Dougherty at 630-355-8980 ext. 109.

All parents and volunteers must attend Protecting God’s Children. Locations and dates for this workshop are available online at: