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Haiti Twinning Sponsor-a-Child 2020
St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Haiti Twinning Sponsor-a-Child 2020

Education continues to make a difference. Over the 21 years of “Twinning,” St. Thomas added classroom after classroom to two elementary schools and the secondary school until the village had its first high school graduation in 2009. One graduate, Dr. Nickson Polyte, is now serving as the doctor at the Healthcare Clinic built by St. Thomas. St. Thomas High School is the highest rated school in the large Grand Anse Area.

Quality teachers assure a quality education. Over 95% of the students pass the government exams. (The average in Haiti is around 50%.) Funds collected help with the salaries for the quality teachers at St. Thomas Secondary/High School and Ertha’s Elementary School.


Sponsor-a-Child Donation – a bit different this year

Normally with your donation you select a picture(s) of a Duchity student for your refrigerator or other place as a reminder to pray for all the students in Duchity. The suggested donation is $50 … but any amount welcomed with gratitude. This year, you can make a donation and receive pictures in the following ways:

  • Drop off donation at St. Thomas (Gathering Area). Select picture(s) from display in Gathering Area.
  • Checks written to “St. Thomas OSJ” with “SAC” in the memo and sent to St. Thomas OSJ – ATTN: MIKE (1500 Brookdale Rd. Naperville, 60563). Note: Checks are preferable as there is a 3.4% charge for credit card donations. Send note with check with address and number & gender of picture(s) needed. Pictures will be mailed.
  • CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION ONLINE. Email Mike Ryder (mryder@stapostle.org) with address and number and gender of picture(s) needed. Pictures will be mailed.

Whether you are able to donate or not, please pray for the students in Duchity.

St. Thomas’ Education Impact – a Testimony

Johanne Jeudy is from Ste. Marie-Madeleine Parish in Duchity, Haiti. She came to the U.S. in 2009 as a high school youth with little English and lived with St. Thomas families. She graduated from St. Francis High School, Benedictine University, and earned a Master’s degree from DePaul University in nursing. This Haiti Weekend, she reflected on her journey … and the impact St. Thomas is having on education in the Duchity community. Below is a portion of her reflection.

“The people of Duchity continue to need your support, especially the young people to get an education.”

“I am here today because of the education I received in Duchity at St. Thomas Secondary School. I remember thinking how will my mom be able to send us to school after we were done with sixth grade at Jean Claude’s school. She was paying almost nothing for us to go there. Before St. Thomas and Ste. Marie Madeleine started twinning, there was no school past sixth grade in the village. Children were walking for many hours to Beaumont to continue their education. You can imagine how scary it was for these parents to send their kids so far all alone. Many students ended their education at sixth grade because parents could not afford to send them to other cities. Soon after Twinning began, the St. Thomas secondary school began … and many young people, including me, were able to receive a higher education, get out of the poverty circle and are able now to help their families and the community.”

“The students in Duchity are so eager to learn and become something. They are studying with kerosene lamps and have no idea what the future will provide for them, but they are still going to school because they know that the only way to better their lives and the lives of their families is education.”