St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Haiti Twinning Update

Kathy Fife is the Haiti Twinning Facilitator. She provided the following update on our relationship with Ste. Marie-Madeleine Parish in Duchity, Haiti.

COVID-19 Training picture

As we are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic lifestyle changes, including face masks, social distancing and limited gatherings of people. We share these changes with our Haiti Twinning parish. 

The Parish Twinning Program (PTPA) and Raising Haiti created the Haiti-CPR program to provide COVID-19 training. Ste. Marie-Madeleine received the program. It was very useful according to Fr. Emery, the Pastor. A group of 10 parishioners were selected to participate in the program. They received their training Friday, May 29. They also received kits to distribute to the community that included information brochures, handwashing stations, face masks and megaphones to use for training. They trained other teams of trainers that then went out into the community. To this point they have had some “suspicious cases” of the virus, but with no testing available they don’t really know. 

pcH in Duchity

In 2010, the Productive Cooperatives Haiti (pcH) selected the Duchity area to establish their socio-economic training program focused on agriculture, transformation of agricultural products and commercialization of the transformed products. Three agriculture co-ops were formed in the area and are still in existence. 

pcH has further expanded its role in Duchity with a medical team that will supplement the care that the clinic in Duchity provides to the community. pcH is hosting a clinic one Friday each month. On another day of the month they hold a clinic in Gorgette, an outlying chapel of Ste. Marie-Madeleine. Both the Duchity Clinic and the pcH medical team charge a generally affordable fee. Those who cannot afford the fee are not charged.


St. Thomas parish provided the funds for Fr. Emery to purchase a much needed copier for use in the parish and in the schools. As an added benefit, Fr. Emery can provide copying services to the people in Duchity for a fee. The money will provide funds to be used in the parish operation.