St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Harvest Sunday Results — Thank You, St. Thomas

Thank you to all who were able to donate food for Harvest Sunday. It was a very fruitful harvest. 284 parishioners volunteered their time to help with distributing flyers, collecting food from 40 neighborhoods and from Casey’s Foods, and sorting, packing and boxing the food. Many other parishioners delivered drive-thru donations, and still others ordered from Amazon.

The food donated was sorted and boxed into 960 boxes. Forty percent of the food was shared with the Sisters of Notre Dame from the South Side of Chicago, 40 percent with St. Patrick’s in Joliet (Fr. Dof’s parish), and 20 percent to our Care Pantry. Please pray for the families that will receive this food.

Thank Yous

We are very grateful to all the Harvest Sunday volunteers for their hard work and good spirit. Thanks to the Middle School Youth who sorted the Casey’s food and taped boxes in preparation for packing. Thanks to our Care Pantry volunteers, led by Michelle Hunt and Chris Sehgal, who again put in some long days. And thank you, St. Thomas, for the remarkable response!

Mike, Nicole, Sally (Outreach and Social Justice Office), Peggy (Middle School Faith Formation Office)