St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Join Us for Virtual Weekend Mass Celebration (3/22/2020)

Led by the Holy Spirit, rooted in the Eucharist, St. Thomas the Apostle strives to be an inclusive servant community — to be Christ in the World. We bear the Good News of God’s unconditional love to all generations through worship, faith formation, witness, and service.

During the COVID-19 virus social distancing, gathering in the church is not possible for health and safety reasons.

To provide a substitute as best we can during this time, we recorded this Sunday’s mass for everyone to experience in the safety of their homes.

We invite you to turn your speakers up, imagine you are at St. Thomas and experience this week’s liturgy.

Before watching the mass, families whose children attend Religious Education might considering printing this Sunday’s Gospel Weeklies for their child, sent by email already. Families not in R.E. who would like the PDF for their child, may email Patti at to request it.

Continue to pray for people around the world for a solution to the COVID-19 virus challenge and for the protection of the healthcare professionals working tirelessly to help us all.

March 22, 2020 worship aide
March 22, 2020 bulletin
March 22 Family Worship and Fun Resource (English)
March 22 Family Worship and Fun Resource (Spanish)

Please Continue Supporting St. Thomas While You’re Away

We are very grateful for your continuing support, especially through this health crisis, to be the vibrant and engaging faith home you come to for spiritual nourishment. Let us continue to pray for the day when we can once again lift our voices to God in praise as a community of faith. You can mail your regular Sunday donation in the postage-paid envelope provided in your envelope packet or give online.