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Middle School Religious Education: What Are They Learning

Middle School Religious Education classes meet approximately 20 times from September through April. The Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers is the middle school textbook, and it offers a comprehensive overview of the Catholic faith which takes middle school classes three years to unpack.

Sixth Grade

As the RE year begins, sixth graders explore the ways that God is made known to us. These sessions introduce knowing and understanding the Scriptures and Tradition as sources of God’s revelation. The core activities in these sessions cover basic teachings about God, the Holy Trinity, and God’s plan for salvation.

Seventh Grade

Seventh graders learn about the mission and structure of the Church, how the Holy Spirit moves in God’s people and concrete ways that the Holy Spirit is present in the Church today. The weekly sessions explore how God’s Spirit was present in the lives of the Apostles, examine various models that help to understand the meaning of Church, and look at how all the baptized participate in the mission of Christ to make disciples of all nations. 

Eighth Grade

Eighth graders begin the year learning about Christian morality and justice, which includes the moral principles embodied in the Ten Commandments, and how to apply Christian moral principles to various real-life situations. They will also be encouraged to use these principles in their own daily lives as they examine their own experiences and consider many of the moral dilemmas young people face.