Ministry is faith put into action. Explore how you can grow in your faith through the many ministries at St. Thomas.

Its easy to sign up for your ministries online. Simply click the link next to each ministry name and complete the simple form.

Worship and Liturgy Ministries (100-199)

Music Ministries: Large & Small Choirs  (200-299)

Elementary Religious Education Ministries  (300-350)

Middle School Religious Education Ministries  (351-399)

High School Religious Education Ministries  (400-499)

Adult Faith Formation Ministries  (500-599)

Outreach & Social Justice Ministries  (600-649)

Pastoral Care Ministries (650-699)

Parish Life Ministries (700-799)

Stewardship Ministries (800-899)

Parish Administration Ministries (900-999)