(501) R.C.I.A. Catechists · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Share your faith experience and knowledge with R.C.I.A. candidates and catechumens, guide some sessions and help incorporate them into the faith community. Mentoring and formation provided. WHAT IS RCIA?R.C.I.A. is the process for incorporating people into the Catholic faith. RCIA candidates may be in one of the following categories: unbaptized persons, persons baptized Catholic but uncatechized, or persons of another faith interested in Catholicism.

(502) R.C.I.A. Sponsors · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Mentor R.C.I.A. candidates and catechumens, give them prayer and moral support throughout the year and be a witness to the Catholic faith.  Resources provided.

(504) R.C.I.A. Photographers · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Take pictures of RCIA candidates at various events.

(506) Marriage Ministry · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Assist engaged couples preparing to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. Participate as a sponsor couple, part of the team developing workshops and with food preparation for lunches during those workshops. Click the ministry name to read more about ways to participate.

(507) Baptism Preparation · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

(510) Retreat Ministry · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, HS): Plan retreats, Annual Mission, days of reflection during the year. This can include general planning, leading prayer, giving presentations, and/or providing support services such as food preparation, phone calling, environment setting.

(512) Intergenerational Faith Experiences · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, HS): Help plan and carry out events to enhance the spiritual development of the entire parish community.*

(516) Sophia’s Circle Ministry Planner (Women) · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Help plan and facilitate three Sophia’s Circle micro retreats for women. Micro retreats explore topics pertaining to women’s spiritual re-connections of faith in a 3-hour Friday evening format. Retreats are scheduled for fall, winter and spring. Your wisdom is important to this experience.

(520) Young Adult Community Building Team · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Vision Opportunities to serve and engage young adults in their faith.

(523) S.T.A.F.F.S Community · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
S.T.A.F.F.S stands for St. Thomas the Apostle Faith Formation & Spirituality. Plan events that assist adults in a deeper understanding of the faith and give meaning to our lives as Catholic Christians. Events included are morning and evening Bible Study and Reflection, as well as courses and individual presentations on topics relevant to deeper understanding and new learning about the Church, our faith, and our response to Gospel values. Meets quarterly during the school year.

(525) Ecumenical / Interfaith Outreach · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Plan interfaith activities and work toward greater understanding between denominations and faith traditions.

(527) Library/Resource Center Volunteers · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adult, HS) St. Thomas Library exists as a resource for parishioners in areas of faith formation, ministry, scripture, prayer, education, art, and history, to name only a few. It is staffed mainly by volunteers, who are trained by the librarian.  Opportunities exist for volunteers interested in technical work, Sunday or weekday desk hours, book reviewers and being a library liaison. Click the ministry name to read more about ways to participate.

(528) Celebration of the Arts Community · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Organize and participate in art events (secular, sacred and liturgical) which may include tours, demonstrations, and lectures, as well as the annual art exhibit fair in November at St. Thomas.