(501) Catechists · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Share your faith with R.C.I.A. candidates and catechumens, guide some sessions and help incorporate them into the faith community. Resources provided.

Mentor R.C.I.A. candidates and catechumens. Resources provided.

(504) Photographer · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Take pictures of RCIA candidates at various events.

(506) Marriage Ministry · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
a. Marriage Prep (married couples): Mentor an engaged couple. (Meet 2-3 times) Training provided.
Marriage Prep Team: Assist during engaged couples workshop. (3 Saturdays a year)
b. Marriage Enrichment: Plan inspirational, educational and social events for couples.
c. Inter-parish Marriage Enrichment Team: Network with other churches to plan annual conference for couples.

(507) Baptism Preparation · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Mentor families preparing for infant/child baptism through
pre-baptism instruction (training provided). Welcome and assist at baptism.

(510) Retreat Ministry · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Plan retreats, days of reflection and annual church Mission. May include leading prayer, giving presentations and providing support services (food preparation, phone calling, environment setting).

(512) Intergenerational Faith Experiences · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adults) Help plan and carry out events to enhance the spiritual development of the entire parish community.

(516) Sophia’s Circle Ministry Planner · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Women) Help plan/facilitate three Friday evening micro retreats for women (fall, winter and spring) on topics pertaining to women’s spirituality.

(520) Young Adult Community Building Team · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Vision opportunities to serve and engage young adults in their faith.

(523) St. Thomas the Apostle Faith Formation & Spirituality (S.T.A.F.F.S.) Community · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Plan events to deepen and enrich the faith of the community.

(525) Ecumenical / Interfaith Outreach · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Participate in interfaith activities aimed at greater understanding between denominations and faith traditions.

(527) Library/Resource Center Volunteers · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Provide services to the St. Thomas Library.

(528) Celebration of the Arts Community · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Organize and participate.