(401) Journey Nights · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Help to plan and coordinate these key high school events. All different skills are welcome. Help needed with setup, sound, media, skits, icebreakers, music, and other new ideas! Happens 5 times per year.

(403) Confirmation Catechists · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, College): No experts needed! Just passionate, caring adults to loving guide teens through an 8-week Confirmation preparation class offered in the fall and spring. Curriculum is provided.

(404) Confirmation Reception Help · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, College, HS): Set up and clean up for annual reception after the Confirmation Mass in the spring.

(405) Confirmation Liturgy Help · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, College, HS): Help needed with the various volunteer liturgical roles for the Confirmation Mass in the spring.

(410) Small Group Leaders · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults): Specific need for freshmen groups and the freshmen retreat, but small groups can form for teens at all grade levels.

(415) Retreat Team · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, College, HS): Be a part of this lively community to help plan for the 3 LIFE Retreats held throughout the year. Weekly meetings starting at least 10 weeks prior to retreat weekend.

(Adult, College, HS): From running the media/slides at the 6:00 p.m. Sunday Mass to shooting and editing video, photos, etc. for various youth ministry events.

(430) Service Team · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, College, HS): Help plan, participate in, or promote local service opportunities like Harvest Sunday or Feed My Starving Children, or create new opportunities.

(435) Missions Team · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adult, College, HS) Different from the Service Team, in that this group is focused specifically on summer mission planning, recruiting, and logistics, as well as visioning for trips.

(440) Youth Ministry Council · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adult, HS): Be a part of the committee that brainstorms, visions, researches and implements the best youth ministry practices aimed at both short-term and long-term results. Likely to involve regular monthly meetings.

(445) Youth Ministry Ambassadors · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, College, HS): Gain training on the ins and outs of program offerings to assist with the overall marketing

(450) Prayer Partners · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Serve as a prayer partner for Confirmation candidates. (must be confirmed)

(455) Chaperones · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, College) Adults 21 and over who can lend a watchful eye at various events as needed.

(456) Sunday Pancake Breakfast · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(Adults, College, HS) Help serve these delicious breakfasts once a month during the school year on Sunday mornings to benefit youth mission. All levels of skill welcome (cooking, cleaning, setting up, serving, etc.) but also looking for a person or persons to take some ownership over this ministry.

(495) Miscellaneous · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Have a need, interest, or ability that you couldn’t find listed here? Sign up here to be contacted about your interest and ideas for young adult ministry.