(602) Golf Outing Committee · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Help with annual “Holes for Hope” charity golf outing that benefits St. Thomas Cares, providing emergency service for those in need.

(607) Care Pantry · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Disperse food, lend a compassionate ear and participate in projects throughout the year to assist the registered families. Ministries include:
a. Monthly Food Collection: Move food to Food Pantry after collection.
b. Shelving Food: Shelve food once a month after collection. (Monday 9-11)
d. Food Distribution: Bag/distribute food once or twice a month (Tues 9-11)
g. Harvest Sunday (11.1.20): Sort, box, and shelve food.
h. Food Pick Up: Pick up donated food (e.g. Chipotle, Standard Market, etc.).
j. Turkey/Ham Drive Coordinator (Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter): Oversee the promotion, collection, and distribution of turkeys or hams.
k. Turkey/Ham Collections: Receive and load donations on collection weekends during/after masses. Families welcome!
n. Care Pantry Christmas Party (12.12.20): Assist with annual Christmas party for Care Pantry families. Help needed in advance of and during the party.
o. Care Pantry Garden: Help plant/maintain/harvest garden to benefit Care Pantry families.

(613) Habitat for Humanity · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Serve one week with a St. Thomas team to provide a home for a Habitat family. (Mississippi-June 2021) No construction experience required. By signing up, you are expressing interest in the June 2021 trip.

(614) Haiti Twinning · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Work with the people of Ste. Marie-Madeleine in Duchity, Haiti to set and achieve goals regarding education, healthcare and youth programs.

(615) Haiti Twinning Community of Interest · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Stay connected to news from Ste. Marie-Madeleine and the Twinning Committee. (Provide email address.)

(617) Jobs Ministry · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Provide support to job seekers by participating in networking, planning/facilitating speaker events and providing assistance during events.

(619) Lakota Nation Relationships · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Foster relationship with St. Agnes Parish in Manderson, South Dakota (on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation). Includes trip planning.

(622) PADS Hesed House in Aurora · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(MS w/ parent – adult) Public Action to Deliver Shelter is a program that parishioners are involved with once a month at Hesed House in Aurora. On the first Thursday of each month, parishioners bring food to Hesed House to help feed the homeless dinner, breakfast and a bagged lunch. Volunteers needed to:
a. Serve dinner and clean up (5-11 pm)
b. Make lunches and monitor as guests sleep (11 pm-3 am)
c. Make breakfast and clean up and monitor as guests sleep (3-7 am)
d. Provide food items 2-3 x year

(Community United Methodist Church) (MS with parent – adult) The first Sunday of each month (October-May), parishioners provide dinner, greet/monitor guests, pack lunches, clean up and serve breakfast for the homeless guests in the area who are sheltered at this site.
a. Donate a food item – (drop off at CUMC by 6 pm)
b. Set up (5:15-6:30 pm)
c. Set up and serve (6-8 pm)
d. Monitor guests/make sandwiches (10 pm-2 am)
e. Monitor/wake guests, set up for breakfast (2-6 am)
f. Serve breakfast/clean up (5:30-7:30 am)
g. Substitute for overnight shifts (10 pm-2 am or 2-6 am)

(625) Couriers of Compassion Prison Ministry · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Become a pen pal to a prisoner. Training provided.

(628) St. Vincent de Paul Society · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Inspired by Gospel values, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization, leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering in the tradition of its founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, and patron, St. Vincent de Paul. Opportunities include:
a. Home Visitors and Conference Members: Travel (with a partner) to make three to five home visits (approx. every other month) to those who require rent, utility, furniture, or clothing assistance. Attend meetings (2 x month) to celebrate fellowship and service.
b. Benefactors: Commit to donate at least $250 (once or twice a year) when notified of a specific need.
c. Semi-annual clothing drive: Distribute bags and collect donations for spring/fall drive.

(630) Transitional Housing · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) (For families who are facing homelesness)
a. Mentor families for 1-3 years. Training provided.
b. Provide support in resourcing, education, and public relations projects to assist families.

(632) Social Justice · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Our Social Justice Communities strive to address social issues in light of our Catholic Social Teaching. Our efforts strive for systemic change in our society, as opposed to direct outreach assistance. The activities undertaken include prayer, awareness, education and action. There are seven Social Justice ministries (following this section).
Sign up in this category to:
a. Address a social justice issue you feel needs attention. Someone will contact you.
b. Be informed of St. Thomas Social Justice activities that are being planned or worked on.

(636) DuPage United · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Serve the people of DuPage County through affiliation with DuPage United (a non-partisan, civil organization taking collective action for social and economic changes). Meets as needed.
a. St. Thomas Core Team: Participate in DuPage United actions, coordinate activities within the parish, and foster communication and mobilization.
b. St. Thomas Support Team/Community of Interest: Receive information on DuPage United activities and participate as able.

(639) Housing Alliance · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Take social justice actions to improve the plight of the homeless in the area. Meets as needed.

(640) Immigration/Refugee Initiative · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Raise awareness and provide education and action opportunities regarding immigration and refugee issues.

(641) St. Thomas Pax Christi · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Meet monthly to share ideas to create a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

(643) Pro-Life Ministry · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Inform the community on issues of abortion/respect life matters. Provide education to the parish via speakers, movies, and discussion. Meet 4 x year.

(644) Pro-Life Community of Interest · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Receive emails of pro-life activities, legislation, and issues. Help staff tables/doors for pro-life activities after weekend Masses.

(646) St. Nicholas Relationship · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Expand the relationship between St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Nicholas, a predominately Mexican parish in Aurora. Committee meets on an occasional basis with representatives from St. Nicholas.

(647) Solidarity Coalition · CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
(HS, adult) Stand in solidarity with those marginalized in society as a result of discrimination, hatred, or persecution; raise awareness and provide education.