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As we have learned the past few months, even with the church building closed, there are so many ways that St. Thomas continued to be church, being the hands and feet of Christ to our faith community and in the world. We need to continue that spirit of service, perhaps now more than ever.

We need you. There are talents and gifts unique to you that are needed at St. Thomas. A wonderful way to use those talents and gifts would be to volunteer for a ministry.

Consider sharing your gifts and talents with our faith community. We need you!

Exciting New Ministry Opportunities!

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With COVID-19 we have had to re-imagine and revamp many things we do with Liturgy as our primary way of reaching parishioners is now via the internet. We began recording Masses beginning Sunday, March 22, and now are livestreaming our two weekend Masses for people to be able to watch from home live or watch at their convenience. Thanks to a generous donation, last weekend we began using a new professional camera that allows us to zoom, pan and show the congregation to provide an even better sense of connection for those watching at home. With this new technology comes the need for additional help. There are two new ministry options that are outlined below. If you would be interested in helping out with either of them, contact Jim Clauer, Director of Liturgy and Music, at 630.355.8980, x111 or One-on-one training will be provided. Both of these ministries would also be great for teens who know and enjoy technology.

Camera Operator (Videographer)

The main responsibility of this ministry is to operate the camera during Mass. You will zoom in and out, pan the camera to the correct area of focus during the Mass. If you have ever used a camcorder, you will have no trouble doing this, as it is basically all the same. There will be a minor secondary responsibility of starting and ending the livestream on the computer.

Multimedia Coordinator

The main responsibility of this ministry is to handle the slides we project on the screen before and during Mass. They will close out the pre-Mass slide show and queue up the slides we use during Mass. And then manually advance the slides used during Mass in-sync with the congregation using a wireless remote. On some occasions it may also mean playing a video. Basic PowerPoint knowledge is helpful, but not required.

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