St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Outdoor Communion Distribution

While we welcome our parish family to worship with us in church, we also realize that there are parishioners who want to participate at Sunday liturgies but are hesitant to worship in church yet. For the weekend of August 8-9, for the Saturday 4:30 pm and Sunday 9:30 am Masses, while we are still offering mass in the church, we are also offering an opportunity for worship in your cars, along with receiving Eucharist.

If it is raining, outdoor communion will be distributed by the Narthex entrance since there is a considerable overhang there.

Guidelines for Outdoor Communion Reception

  • Arrive at St. Thomas for Mass (4:30 pm Saturday or 9:30 am Sunday) and park your car in the parking lot in front of the Gathering Area.
  • Remain in your car for the duration of Mass watching/listening to the livestream on your personal electronic device. (The link for the service can be found on the parish website each week). You can stream the audio through your car sound system so the whole family can easily hear.
  • When it is time to receive communion, exit your vehicle (wearing a mask), and approach the Gathering Area doors with your family.  A communion minister will come outside and distribute to you and your family.

Guidelines for reception are the same as in church

  • Sanitize your hands (This will be provided by the church)
  • Remain socially distanced from others coming toward the minister, following the marks on the ground.
  • Provide one outstretched arm, with hand facing palm up, to the EM
  • After receiving the Precious Body, step to the side into the white box to:
    ~ lift/remove your mask
    ~ consume the Eucharist
    ~ put on your mask
  • Remain socially distanced from others as you go back to your vehicle

This process may take some extra time, so please be patient.

Handicapped Policy

  • If you are handicapped and cannot easily exit your vehicle, please park in one of the 4 handicapped spots immediately in front of the gathering space doors.  If those spots are filled, park along the curb.
  • This will indicate to the minister that you need communion brought to your vehicle and they will do that after they have finished distributing to everyone that walked up.
  • Please wear a mask when you open your window to receive the precious body.