St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Prayers for Ertha Family

Ertha Papillon is the founder and director of an orphanage and elementary school in our Haiti Twinning community. She has visited St. Thomas on many occasions. On January 6, her husband Sylvestre, passed away. Over the last few years, Sylvestre was being treated for prostate and colon cancer. Recently his kidneys went into failure which led to his passing.

Sylvestre moved to the Miami area with their two young children, Cassandre and Boris, more than 20 years ago to provide a better education for their children. He sent funds to Ertha as he could to help her efforts in Duchity. Whenever Ertha expressed concern that she was not often with him to help raise the children, he would always say: “I will take care of our children here, you take care of the children there.” As Cassandre and Boris grew older, they did spend summers in Duchity with their mother.

For those who would like to send a card or a note to Ertha, please send or bring the cards to the St. Thomas OSJ Office (attention Mike). We will forward them to Ertha and her children. For those who know Ertha and wish to include a memorial gift, funds will be used to help the family with funeral costs.

Please pray for Ertha, Cassandre and Boris.