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All Saints Catholic Academy was founded by the parishes of St. Thomas, St. Margaret Mary and St. Elizabeth Seaton to bring more opportunities for Catholic education to the western suburbs of Chicago. Explore the difference a Catholic education can bring to your child’s life. Schedule a visit to All Saints Catholic Academy today!

Explore the Difference a Catholic Education Makes

Assess the academic and other successes of your child and evaluate:

• Was your child challenged to work and produce at the highest levels, to the very best of their ability?
• Is your child being prepared for the academic challenges that await them beyond their preschool, elementary and middle/junior high schools?
• Is your child growing in faith with a strong awareness of Christ in their lives?
• Is your child being nurtured and known as they grow into the person that they are becoming?
• Are you pleased with the education and formation that your child is currently receiving, or is there perhaps another choice?

All Saints Catholic Academy is YOUR parish school, an academic and formative alternative for preschool through grade eight students built upon three pillars:

Academic Excellence: We prepare our students and graduates to be successful in high school and beyond. On average 85% of All Saints graduates attend a Catholic High School. These schools include Benet Academy, St. Francis, Montini, Rosary, Marmion, Aurora Central Catholic and Joliet Catholic Academy.

Members of the ASCA Class of 2015 have received almost $30,000 in academic scholarships to the high schools of their choice based on their performance on the Catholic High School Entrance Exam.

Catholic Identity: Our Christ-centered education gives our students the foundation to make the right choices. Faith is incorporated in the classroom. All Saints has an emphasis on service, helping to grow our students into ‘others centered’ young men and women.

Diversity: All Saints is a school that celebrates the diversity that makes up the fabric of our school community, as well as our world.

To find out more about how All Saints Catholic Academy can help to prepare your child to succeed academically in high school and beyond in a faith centered and diverse environment where students learn the importance of service within the community, please contact the school at (630) 961-6125 to ask the important questions, schedule a visit, and see how your child could learn and grow at All Saints. Visit the school website at