St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Rev. Dr. Geneace Williams: The Power of Love

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion … Belonging video and transcript

The weekend of November 12–13, St. Thomas welcomed Rev. Dr. Geneace Williams. She provided her personal witness and reflection at all the Masses. Geneace is the senior Pastor at Coppin AME Church in Chicago. She is also the Naperville’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager. Geneace is leading Naperville’s work toward creating an inclusive community that values diversity.

Geneace provided an inspiring reflection on the Power of Love. She identified five indicators of Love … “that transformed my thinking and, therefore, my approach in everything. Giving, Believing, Forgiving, Receiving and Dying.” 

You may read Geneace’s entire reflection and/or view the video of her reflection below.

Rev. Dr. Geneace Williams: The Power of Love

Excerpts from “The Power of Love”

“By grounding everything I do in the belief that love has transformative power, has made all the difference.”

“I, you, we have a responsibility to love. It remains the only thing that will change the world.”

“Our fruit is to encourage community … by embracing its diversity, as we each are unique in how God created us, supporting equity, access and opportunity for everyone, and offering a welcoming environment where the few and the many feel valued. That is the transformative power of love demonstrated in our individual and collective power to love. It is the one true thing that will make ALL the difference. Amen!”