St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

St. Thomas Vigil Day

This year’s 40 Days for Life prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood begins on Thursday, September 23. The St. Thomas Knights of Columbus are organizing the parish’s participation in this event by taking Saturday, September 26 as St. Thomas’ day to stand in vigil as faithful witnesses (from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm).

To sign up for an hour or half hour, please contact Robert Hays at or 678.435.4150. Robert can also answer any questions you might have. Prayer vigil location is Planned Parenthood (3051 E. New York St., Aurora) behind Waterleaf Women’s Center. Parking available at Waterleaf.

40 Days for Life is a beautiful opportunity to join others in peaceful prayer and keeping vigil. Through God, lives are changed during 40 Days for Life. When communities rally in this effort, God works miracles. The “no show” rate for abortion appointments increases dramatically while people are praying outside. 

Redeemer in the Womb

Lord Jesus Christ, You took our human nature upon Yourself. You shared our life and death, our childhood and adulthood.

Lord Jesus, we ask You to bless and protect the children who today are in their mothers’ womb. Save them from the danger of abortion. Help all people to recognize in the preborn child a brother, a sister, saved by You, our Redeemer in the womb.