mike_ryderOutreach Director
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Mike Became Director of Outreach and Social Justice in 2006. His journey includes a degree in engineering and with technical management positions in New Jersey and Ohio before arriving in Naperville with his wife, Nonie, and two children. He is a founding member of the parish and kept telling himself he would become involved someday when he had more time. The Spirit gave him more time … the day after his job was eliminated in a downsizing, from the pulpit came a request for people to make the first trip to our Haiti Twinning parish. Mike recognizes that trip as a life-changing experience. He stayed involved in Haiti Twinning and became involved in other ministries, while working at a number of other technical and business positions. The diocesan Peace & Justice Institute experience moved him beyond feeling good about social justice and into a more active mode. “There is no question in my mind that the Spirit led me, sometimes gently and sometimes with a two-by-four, to this place in my life’s journey. And there is nowhere I would rather be. The Spirit is always with you.”