St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Thank You, Mike!

As many of you know, Mike Ryder, our Director of Outreach and Social Justice, will be retiring at the end of November. Mike has had a tremendous impact on the many people our Outreach and Social Justice ministries serve. However, he has also had a tremendous impact on us, teaching and showing us how to be the hands and feet of Christ to each other and to our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

As Mike retires, we would like to leave him with our words of thanks, appreciation and affirmation. In the Gathering Area and the Narthex, you will find ‘The Spirit is with you” note cards. Please take one and write a simple note of appreciation to Mike and return it next week in the box marked “Thank You, Mike.”

As Mike transitions to retirement, he will have these heartfelt reminders of the impact he has had on us.


“The SPIRIT Is With You”

Below is a message from Mike to the entire St. Thomas Community. Say a prayer for Mike, as he takes the next step on his journey.

Thank You, St. Thomas!

I have been the Director of your Outreach and Social Justice (OSJ) Office for 17 plus years. I remember my first Mass after learning that I had been chosen for the position … I remember looking at all of you in the pews that day and wondering what I had gotten myself into! The words that came unbidden into my thoughts at that moment provided some reassurance. “The SPIRIT is with you!” I have said that to myself countless times, not as a prayer, but as a spiritual reality.

Over all these years, what do I know? I know that I worked hard. I also know that the time, talent and resources that you channel through the OSJ Office enables great things to happen! I have seen it day after day with the families we assist, with our twinning relationships, with our social justice initiatives. I thank all of you for the support you have provided the OSJ Office, and, I trust, will continue to provide. The SPIRIT is with you!

Mike Ryder