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Things to Know Before Returning to Mass
St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Things to Know Before Returning to Mass

We are certainly fulfilling the last portion of our 35th Anniversary parish theme: Cherished, Charged, Challenged through reopening our worship space during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please take a few moments to read the attached brochure, watch this short video and refer to the notes below that outline some of the changes you will see in order to follow the recommendations of the Diocese of Joliet, State of Illinois and the Centers for Disease Control.


Reopening Procedures for Holy Communion

2 Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EM) positions will be scheduled for each Mass

  • Host 1 (in front of Commentator Stand)
  • Host 2 (in front of Ambo)
  • Priest will distribute from center aisle

The Precious Body will be the only species of Holy Communion offered to the congregation.

The gifts of bread and wine will not be brought forward. The gifts will be pre-set at the credence table prior to mass. The Priest will bring the gifts to the altar during the Preparation.

  • Hosts will already be divided into 3 ciboria.

EMs, wearing a face mask, will sanitize their hands and come to the altar during the Lamb of God. They will receive Holy Communion on the altar after the Priest. After sanitizing their hands once more, they will retrieve their ciboria from the altar and go to their assigned station to become a Distributor to the Communicants.

Communicants, at the direction of the Usher, will:

  • Sanitize their hands
  • Remain socially distanced from others coming towards the altar
  • Provide one outstretched arm, with hand facing palm up, to the EM
  • After receiving the Precious Body, step to the side into the white box to:
    ~ lift/remove their mask
    ~ consume the Eucharist
    ~ put on their mask
  • Sanitize their hands
  • Remain socially distanced from others back to assigned pew

Distributors will:

  • Hold the ciboria in one hand and distribute the Eucharist with the other
  • Proclaim “The Body of Christ” to the Communicant
  • Carefully place/drop the Precious Body into the palm of the Communicant without contact with their hands
    If physical contact is made, return to the altar to sanitize your hands before continuing to distribute.
  • If necessary, remind Communicants to step to the side to consume the Eucharist
  • Ushers will receive last and inform you if Holy Communion needs to be brought to parishioners with mobility issues

Outdoor Communion Distribution

While we welcome our parish family to worship with us in church, we also realize that there are parishioners who want to participate at Sunday liturgies but are hesitant to worship in church yet. For both weekend Masses, while we are still offering mass in the church, we are also offering an opportunity for worship in your cars, along with receiving Eucharist.