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Walk Away From Depression

From the Behavioral Health Ministry

Diabetes doubles your risk for depression, but you may be able to take steps — literally-to fight those odds, even if you have genes that make you more susceptible to depression. At the beginning of a study, 7,968 adults (the average age was 60) described their daily activities, including exercise. Less than 10 percent had diabetes, and none had been treated for depression for at least a year. They also had their genes analyzed. Two years later, participants with certain genes were more likely to have been diagnosed with depression-with one significant exception. Those with depression–linked genes who got 35 minutes of daily exercise had no such elevated odds.

More good news: Both low-intensity and high-intensity exercise appear to offer protection from depression. Try yoga, stretching, aerobic workouts such as dancing, or the exercise machines at your local gym.

Source: Depression and Anxiety, Nov. 5, 2019