St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church - Naperville, IL

Video: I Am St. Thomas

At St. Thomas we celebrate the gifts God gives us all.

“I Am St. Thomas” shows the many ways our parishioners give the gifts of their time and talent and gives an inside view of the unique Faith Community that is St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church.

Special thanks to the leadership team that gave their time and talents in producing the video at no cost to the parish: Jeff Berta, Bryan McDonald, Lori Culberson, Janet Simmons and Marc Holm.

Special thanks also to the following parishioners and volunteers in the video:

Camera: Geoff and Natalie Gooch, Jeff Anderson, Marc Holm
Audio: Armand Paradis, Marc Holm
Narrator: Joan Craft
Editor: Marc Holm

Music Soloists: Kathy Sander, Rich Ryan, Marty Scheckel, Colleen Turner

I Am St. Thomas Parishioners: Agnes Flynn, Rich Franz, Julie MacGregor, Ron and Katie Davis, Jim Breen, Beth McDonald, Linnea Hedborn, Rose Bagley, Monika Yumping, Rose Grumbine, Beth Siwicki, Carolyn Lowrie, Alice Osterman, Anita Berry, Tony Meno, Lorraine Katz, Lynn Waldman, Beata Tuffli, Jackie Plourde, Sandy Hatfield, Sue Cornell Ohl, Alison Ohl, Wayne Rodrigues, John Rosisch and the St. Thomas the Apostle Voices of Faith Choir

St. Thomas Staff: Fr. Joel Fortier, Fr. Bob Colaresi, Deacon Jim Breen, Lori Culberson, Kate Cuddy, Jess Allured, Theresa Sheliga, Marilyn DeMeo, Kathy Ferguson, Bob Hartmann, Janet Simmons, Rose Grumbine, Patti Dougherty, Mike Ryder, Anne Schultz, Angie Tuttle and Jan Olah