felicia_lawlorFaith Community Nurse
(630) 355-8980 x104

Felicia Lawlor and her husband John are among the founding members of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. They have been in Naperville 36 years raising three sons. They now have two married sons and five grandchildren in the area and one unmarried son in California.

Felicia is a registered nurse with a bachelor and masters degree. Retirement from fifteen years of nursing management occurred in April 2004. Since June 2004, Felicia has served as a St. Thomas Apostle Church, Parish Nurse. A Lewis University Parish Nurse Course was completed in November of 2004 and her ministry to St. Thomas parishioners began. As parish nurse, she holds the spiritual dimension of the people of St. Thomas central to her ministry. Her practice is based on wholistic health principles, i.e., preventive health care, health promotion, and early detection. Her services are designed to build on, support, and strengthen the capacities of all St. Thomas individuals.

Felicia normally fulfills parish-nursing activities on Tuesday and Thursday each week and works closely with the Prayer Shawl Ministry and is a member of the Health Ministry.