In November 2020, St. Thomas began a one-year Racial Justice Focus in response to the dire racial situations challenging our nation. A parish survey showed that some initiatives were embraced while others were viewed negatively. However, almost three-fourths of the respondents agreed that the focus was an appropriate action for St. Thomas, and nearly that same number wanted further actions. In January 2022, The Inclusive Justice Initiative was born from the call for further action.

St. Thomas Inclusive Justice Initiative

St. Thomas the Apostle unites with all who love God and also love their brothers and sisters in a purposeful focus on all individuals or groups that are marginalized in any way. We are challenged to discern ways in which we, individually and as a community, can grow into an act that all may one. The word Inclusive means welcoming differences … assuring equitable access to opportunities … enabling all to be respected, engaged, and motivated for who they are and for their contributions toward the collective community


  • To raise awareness.
  • To provide opportunities to educate ourselves and learn from each other.
  • To support actions that create a change of heart and bring about systemic change.


  • Provide a variety of activities, resources, and opportunities for learning and dialogue,
  • While not all will agree with all information presented, all can discern and take away what is meaningful to them.

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